Validating the reliability of intel solid state drives

There is a fundamental transition occurring in the HDD industry.

Business Critical (BC) or Capacity Optimized drives (7.2K Nearline SAS and SATA) may provide much higher capacities, but lower reliability and performance when compared to Mission Critical.

They are available in both 2.5” small form factor and 3.5” large form factor.

Plus Dell offers a hardware warranty for Dell -branded drives that you purchase for your Power Edge server with an option to extend your warranty through Pro Support.

In order to provide ongoing support through the service life of enterprise dives, Dell provides a patented online firmware update capability via the Dell Update Package (DUP).

Dell puts its enterprise hard drive (HDD) and solid state drive (SSD) offerings through a rigorous validation process before they are ever considered as additions to Power Edge server portfolio.

Only the very best drives that can meet exact specifications for performance, duty cycles, Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) and HDD rotational vibration necessary for an enterprise-level environment are accepted for customer usage.When retiring or repurposing a system or array the next-generation Power Edge servers can help you to permanently erase content (optionally) from HDDs or SDDs.With ISE, you can use a standard command that triggers the drive to discard its hidden internal media encryption key, to self-generate a new, unrelated key, and then to start using the new key with its internal encryption/decryption engine.While consumer-based SSDs, such as those utilized in notebooks are designed with a focus on consumer-based workloads, rigidity and battery life, enterprise-class SSDs are designed around enterprise application I/O (input/output) requirements with random I/O performance, reliability and protection of data during a sudden power-down.Over-provisioning: The Achilles' heel of SSDs are their write characteristics.From that point forward the data already on the media is useless (“scrambled”).

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