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One of the most common tasks in this area is the preferential looking task (Fantz, 1965).

Perhaps the purest distillation of voyeurism into a business model is the pay cam site.

Users pay for the privilege to watch another person for a certain amount of time.

In the second step, we edited the pictures and integrated them into the design.

Lastly, participants returned to the website and the video data acquisition took place through their webcam.

Decide on your business model either charge per minute or have a membership system.

With the charge per minute system one-on-one chats you earn more pay for more work.

Nash graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in communication from the University of Washington, Tacoma.

Online experimentation is emerging as a new methodology within classical data acquisition in psychology.

Results-wise, interrater reliability of rated looking side (left/right) showed a high agreement between raters, Fleiss’ Kappa, κ = 0.97, which can be translated to sufficient data quality for further analyses.

With regard to on-/off-screen attention attribution, we found that children lost interest after about 10 s after trial onset using a static image presentation or 60 s total experimental time.

After the introduction of HTML5, browsers natively support access to media devices, such as microphones and webcams, thereby offering better cross-browser support and an easy integration of this method.

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