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UNBELIEVABLE: (I verified this with Sarah Conner) In the year 2021, thermostats have been replaced by the Nest Domestic Constable, a smart device, affectionately known as Al, sold at the Apple store and Best Buy, that reports who is home, when they got there and what they ate.

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The whole Nest thing is like a controversial book or movie that upgrades our awareness and makes us better for the time invested.

Nest is the Do-it-Yourself (DIY) dream-stat with the best marketing-side manners to date.

We all benefit by the great smart thermostat race and there is no dis-inventing the Nest.

Disruptive technology will never, and should never, go away.

There are some interesting developments behind the curtain that I will be posting about.

And please make sure you read about the Nest backstory on Controltrends, make sure to read the comments, in that many have shared their experiences with the Nest.

Honeywell, Ecobee ( with it’s gorgeous color display), and the others have equal if not better thermostats but lack the style and marketing wizardry of Nest.

Is there any doubt that Nest pulled off the greatest product launch the HVAC industry has ever seen?

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Mesh networking is probably not far off in the product offering.

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