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The main concern with this type of surgery is that bladder cancer can still recur in another part of the bladder wall.

Radical cystectomy: If the cancer is larger or is in more than one part of the bladder, a radical cystectomy will be needed.

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Most patients have superficial cancer when they are first diagnosed, so this is usually their first treatment.

Some people might also get a second, more extensive TURBT as part of their treatment.

You can usually return home the same day or the next day and can resume your usual activities within a week or two.

Even if the TURBT removes the tumor completely, bladder cancer often comes back (recurs) in other parts of the bladder. But if TURBT needs to be repeated many times, the bladder can become scarred and lose its capacity to hold much urine.

Any remaining cancer may be treated by fulguration (burning the base of the tumor) while looking at it with the cystoscope.

Cancer can also be destroyed using a high-energy laser through the cystoscope.

The side effects of TURBT are generally mild and do not usually last long.

You might have some bleeding and pain when you urinate after surgery.

The removed tissue is sent to a lab to be looked at by a pathologist.

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