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I just always feel a little sorry for the parent/s as not having children of her own, I don't get the feeling she knows how tough it is, she's there doing it for one night with them or maybe a bit longer, but not months on end!

I felt sorry for a single mother yesterday, she was basically finding it hard to cope, which I can relate to sometimes, Jo Frost basically said you'll just have to pull yourself together, I know true, but I just feel sometimes through not being in the situation herself she doesn't realise how tough it is on the parents. I have a friend like that obviously not trained like jo frost, but she has no children but thinks she knows everything, it really annoys me when she tries to give me her advice I agree!

She does have some good tips, but she can be quite condescending and you can tell she isn't a parent herself.

Like you say she's only there for such a short time she just can't possibly imagine how hard it is!

She hosted the talk show named ‘Family Matters’ for ITV. This show focussed on issues such as addiction, abuse, blended families, marital problems, and so on.

The British television personality has appeared on a 90-minute episode of ‘Family S. Frost is also an author who has written six books on parenting and childcare.

They include: ‘Supernanny: How to Get the Best from Your Children’, ‘Ask Supernanny: What Every Parent Wants to Know’, ‘Jo Frost's Confident Baby Care’, ‘Jo Frost's Toddler SOS’, ‘Jo Frost's Toddler Rules’ and ‘Jo Frost's Confident Toddler Care’.

Note that the popular nanny is also an advocate for several child-related issues.With her arched eyebrows, smart English accent, and authoritative air, she became a star through this reality series.Besides working as a ‘nanny’ on television, Frost has also produced a handful of shows.I could walk into someone elses life and do all that with them, it is a lot easier than actually having your own.It really does annoy me when people who don't have children think they know it all!Jenxx tbh i love watching jo frost, she gave me the courage to use the stay in bed techinque with my 18 month old, i think she is tough on parents because she knows how we can give in when it gets tough and give up and go back to how it was.

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