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It was surreal since I really believe that feathers show a manifestation of the angelic realm.

Just sharing a real event that still seems too magical to compehend.

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I stayed with her in Emergency for 4.5 hours and passed through messages that she would be alright and need a stent. Today, I was completely puzzled how I got a black feather in my hair, such a wonderful experience for me now that I have read your insights… It stopped for a period but for the past 4 years it all started back up.

thank you Melanie…a specific meaning that sits with my heart. Much love to all xxx Reply Hi therei hope this is the right spot on here to write you if i found feathers. And theres been more of it and new things are happining also.

My children I work with at a school now look for them. I stepped out my balcony and saw about 4 handful of black white Grey feathers. Earlier today I was at the doctors cause I found a lump on my breast and was worried. Reading your site has given me a great deal of trust knowing things are going to be OK.

So I can see how this could be a message from my mom. Had back surgery in September, and will be pursuing a baby procedure with my wife.I love all animals so I gently coaxed him or her onto my finger and held it out to release Reply I lost my mum 10 months ago now and have been following a spiritual path. Then, right in front of my window there were several soft small feathers floating in the wind. I noticed one, then another and then I actually saw several.I am not a religious person, but my mother was spiritual. It is a small light gray feather, message received 🙂 Reply I often have unique feathers line up in front of me on pathways in a park or other unique locations. They floated up and down in what I thought was a upward draft.It didn’t seem to be the wise decision but turned out to be the right one. Make a long story short, I found myself, inner peace, my place in this world, and so much more. Reply When my 10 month old nephew died 6 years ago the day of his funeral every ware I went there was at least one feather it didn’t matter ware outside his grandmas house when I got out of my car at the store there was always one rite by my door I almost stepped on them.It’s been a few months since I last came across a feather, until today, I came across 5 or 6 feathers all within an inch from one another. Not the usual grey and white ones I have been finding, this one was a warm yellow!!! The yellow interpretation on your site rings a bell, as my heart has been weighed down the past few days… I mean every ware I went there were theses little white baby like feathers.I have been through grief and living grief for the past 2 years – a ver close friend suicided and 5 weeks later, my daughter was a passenger in a car accident, (hit by a drunk driver) leaving her with a traumatic brain injury.

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