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I wore a pair of black Jockey no panty line bikini panties. I did that and then he saw I was still wearing my Victoria's Secret panties he told me to "drop those as well... I was fully dressed in wig, make up, a short dress, and heels.I had to take my clothes off for the doctor to do his thing. Under the dress I was wearing a black lace bra with matching string bikini panties under black sheer pantyhose. and I had on my bra and panties on under my pants and t-shirt.I've been wearing panties 24/7 for many years and although I still have one or two pair of men' s briefs, I thought that I would have to disrobe completely which they usually have you do in privacy and...

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When I'm getting dressed I'll apply scented body lotion all over to add to the feminization of my skin.

Before I put on my panties and bra, I'll tie a little pink...

At this office no real appointment is needed but you never know what doctor will be on duty when you show up. I was sitting in the stool the nurse checed my blood pressure weight height after that the doctor... The first time I wore panties to my Doctor's office I was so nervous My heart rate must have been a record setter.

When I went last time I got a very young female doctor and she did the hernia check too. Last month I had a doctors appointment for a physical. As I was ******** down to just my panties there was no mistake about what I had on.

I had to take my clothes off for the doctor to do his thing. even a bra to the doctors office (multiple different types of doctors) several times. I woke for my visit early enough to be able to spend some extra time on my makeup and also having some time to get just the right lingerie for the...

Last month I had a doctors appointment for a physical. My new doctor is a woman, I am thinking about seeing her for my annual physical wearing panties. I will be going to the Doctor and have some minor surgery in a few days. I am not sure how much clothing I will be allowed to leave on.I was hurt and was taken to the hospital by paramedics and an ambulance. I was asked to jump on the table and lower my trousers so she could conduct her examination.I wasn't even concerned with the way I was dressed obviously as I needed help and relief from the pain! I've been wearing panties my whole life with the exception of my Air Force service. I pulled down my trousers and you could just see the top of the lace...I am not sitting there more than five minutes when another nurse comes in to get me.She asks me to stand up and walk with her to the OR. for my follow up to get my hormone therapy started.I went to the chiropractor wearing a pair of black Jockey bikini panties.

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