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Nick says aside from the times Rachel’s Crohn’s is flaring up, their sex life hasn’t changed: everything gets back to normal when she’s well.However, he has learned that reaching out to others in the same boat was helpful.

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Once I realized that it was autoimmune and not cancerous, I calmed down.

I was still really concerned though, because Rachel was so scared,” he says.

“Emotionally, Crohn’s is a bit of a rollercoaster,” says Rachel.

“There were days when I felt really close to Nick for being there during my illness, and there were days when I was depressed and angry at the world.

They should do so in the context of local and national priorities for funding and developing services, and in light of their duties to have due regard to the need to eliminate unlawful discrimination, to advance equality of opportunity and to reduce health inequalities.

Nothing in this guideline should be interpreted in a way that would be inconsistent with complying with those duties.This guideline covers the care and treatment of adults, children and young people who have ulcerative colitis (UC).It aims to help professionals to provide consistent high-quality care and it highlights the importance of advice and support for people with ulcerative colitis.Rachel and Nick had become engaged a few weeks before she became suddenly and seriously ill with what seemed at first like gastritis, then pancreatitis, then finally Crohn’s disease.At a time when romance should have been swirling around them, instead their relationship was being tested as Nick had to pick up the brunt of the household duties - including caring for their daughter - and physical intimacy fell off.Not to mention some of my jokes are a real gas,” Nick says, as Rachel groans in the background. I was up front from the very beginning about my disease. maybe I was more mature or better educated about the disease, or maybe I was at the point where I just didn’t care what people thought anymore and wanted to be happy.” She explained to Bryan what Crohn’s disease was, how it played out when she was sick, and what could happen while being intimate.

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