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Agan pasti ingat betul dengan baladacintarizieq yang beberapa waktu lalu sempat menghebohkan dunia maya. Dan beberapa waktu yang lalu muncul klarifikasi dari Anonymous bahwa mereka sama sekali tidak ada ikut campur dalam penyebaran chat sex Rizieq dan Firza. Berikut adalah klarifikasinya : Textnya : Greeting World. We are anonymous and this is the message for the people of Indonesia. Many people are claiming that Anonymous is going to leak sex chat between Habib Rizieq and Firza. But this is totally wrong and propaganda against the Anonymous to blame us for what we never did. Anonymous never interfere in a war between political parties and if someone spread false flag against us, we will protect our organization at all cost, .

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We play each other at any time of day or night because we are situated all over the world and timezones are helpful like that.

We decide how long we will allow for each move to take, how many people can play, and what standard we play at.

If you told me your name or the name of a place you’d visited I’d reply with a number, and then inform the confused person I was conversing with that that was the scrabble worth of the world they’d just said. Not knowing what letters would appear next had that random appeal that watching a horse race has.

The excitement at using all 7 seven letters and scoring a bingo, or taking a game to the very last tile to reach a conclusion was immense, there was always just one more game, one more opponent, maybe the same one you’d already played five times that day and you wanted to take another victory from or avenge an earlier defeat.

And then my girlfriend suggested playing Scrabulous would be another good way for me to stay in touch with my son who lives with my ex-wife.

She set us both up on facebook and we started playing, but it wasn't long before other friends were inviting me to play and then I moved onto strangers and pretty much full-time opponents.

I consider telling her I am looking at pornography.

Then she hears the computerised fanfare that rings out of the laptop when you use all seven letters in Facebook Scrabble.

in case if someone try to make us looks bad we will make them pay for their mistake no matter who they are, .

We will make them pay, and again we are repeating this is just a hoax and a propaganda against the Anonymous. We will take proper action against those who threat Anonymous.

Naturally such a modern environment for an age old copyright disagreement fed the game’s popularity as did the time when Scrabble junkies were starved of their fix.

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