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After configuring NSX Manager restart the VMware v Sphere Web Client on the v Center Server the NSX Manager was registered with. Log in to the v Sphere web client and browse to Networking & Security, click NSX Managers and verify the newly deployed NSX Manager is present.

To configure additional permissions select the NSX Manager and click Manage, Users.

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The agentless solution integrates with NSX Manager and Service Composer for policy and event handling, meaning virtual machines are protected as soon as they are provisioned.

This post will detail the installation and configuration process of the Mc Afee MOVE service deployment and the associate VMware components; NSX Manager and Guest Introspection.

Download the NSX Manager OVA file from the Download VMware NSX for v Sphere page.

Deploy the OVA file to your v Center server, in the customisation options configure the appliance network settings.

We will be installing NSX Manager 6.2.4 with Mc Afee MOVE Agentless 3.6.1 (advanced license), on v Center 6.0 and ESXi 6.0, version 5.5 of both can also be used.

The e PO version should be 4.6.8, 5.1.0, 5.1.1 or 5.3.0.

Log in to Mc Afee e PO as an administrator and browse to Menu, Software, Extensions.

Click Install Extension and install the MOVE Anti Virus Agentless extension and the Data Center Connector for v Sphere extension.

Mc Afee Management for Optimised Virtual Environments (MOVE) is an anti-virus solution that removes the need for an individual agent install on every guest virtual machine, providing performance benefits and administrative savings at the same time as full anti-virus and malware protection.

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