Outlook says connected but not updating

Microsoft adds Outlook Customer Manager to Office 365 SMB plan Microsoft is adding a new customer relationship management tool that is accessible via Outlook to its Office 365 Business Premium plan for no additional cost for subscribers.

Read More It's not clear from Microsoft's posts what the root cause of the issue is, nor why it's taken so long to close the report.

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Make sure that you are subscribed to the folders which you want to see and sync in Outlook.

In rare occasions, you might still encounter some issues with synching.

“Actually, the November update for Outlook 2013 (KB2837618) fixes a whole lot of IMAP issues and is highly recommended.

Amongst others, the update makes sure that IMAP accounts will not repeatedly completely resynch folders, will not create duplicates of default folders, will more reliably map the special server folders and make it less likely that folders will get marked as “This computer only”.

While the fix is being deployed, some users may begin to access and synchronize their accounts while using applications or mobile devices," Microsoft says on an Office 365 status page.

For those who still can't sync their accounts with mobile devices, the company is recommending they log in to Outlook using a web browser, which is exactly what many users have been forced to do for the past week.

In that case, you can try disabling the option “When displaying hierarchy in Outlook, show only subscribed folders.”Depending on the size of your hard disk or SSD in your computer, your Offline Settings might be set to only store up to 1 month, 3 months, 12 month worth of emails on your local disk.

If you’ve got enough space on your disk and want to cache more emails locally, you can set the sync slider in the following way: File- Outlook Data File (.pst)If you are still having issues then and want to roll back the update for now, you can do this via Control Panel when you are using the msi-installer or via a command line when you are using an Office 365 installation of Office 2013.

However, it is now also more important than ever to correctly set the Root Folder Path for your mailbox when your IMAP server requires it.

Unfortunately, Outlook doesn’t detect this automatically but you need to set it manually.

In that case, you’ll need to set the the “Root folder path” property in your account configuration.

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