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"I think it's really important for women, if they want to be, to be open about [sex] on social media," Sarah tells ABC News."But men see that as an invitation when it's certainly not."Rather than react or retaliate, Sarah says she just ignores and blocks the men, but would like to see social media platforms take a stronger stance against the behaviour - with a 'no-tolerance' approach to image-based sexual harassment as well as improving victims' ability to block and avoid users who harass them.A new online petition urging Facebook to ban users from sending unsolicited dick pics has so far garnered almost 20,000 signatures, while a British woman's recent 'naming and shaming' of a man for doing so made headlines around the world.

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but damn that's a nice dick'."Dr Lauren Rosewarne, a senior lecturer specialising in gender and sexuality at the University of Melbourne, says the behaviour can partly be explained by the anonymity the internet purportedly affords us.

"But then the question is, if we're all feeling that [sense of disinhibition], why don't women send vulva shots to random men?

There is absolutely a gendered component - it's the same motivation that has men, for example, drawing dicks on walls.

"So it's like, 'I was here' and marking territory, much like a dog would piss on a wall, with the penis," Dr Rosewarne tells ABC News.

"We have to keep telling the guys why what they're doing is wrong."But these kinds of actions have the potential to backfire on victims.

Certainly in Victoria, under so-called 'revenge porn' laws, it is a criminal offence to maliciously distribute intimate images of another person without their consent.

More women are openly complaining about men sending them unwanted sexually explicit images on social media - behaviour which experts say constitutes a form of sexual harassment.

But, asks Hayley Gleeson, what motivates men to send them in the first place?

Sarah, a 27-year-old student in Melbourne, has about 50 in her inbox.

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