Dating and marriage in switzerland

One advantage of this is that you will eventually have your Swiss partner offering to pay for the date too.

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So when dating a Swiss woman, don’t take her independent bearing as a sign of arrogance or rudeness.

It is because she is accustomed to looking after herself that she has developed her own way of doing things.

Also it may take some time to initiate a conversation with women from this country.

Swiss women are not avid talkers especially with people they have just met.

Remember, it is customary to greet and say good-bye to a person using their name.

The Swiss use formal forms of address both in German - Sie rather than du - and in French - vous rather than tu.

Above all, don’t expect Swiss women to go into raptures of passion or touch heights of emotional ecstasy if you do something special for them.

Just like Switzerland is known for political stability and neutrality, its women are also marked by an equable temperament.

Don’t like to be molly-coddled The culture of efficiency and perfectionism instilled among the people of Switzerland implies that its women are used to doing things on their own.

They rarely look to men for help with small issues of daily living.

Do not miss an opportunity offered by Dating Switzerland – meet the man of your dream and see with your own eyes this fantastic country.

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