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The program acts as a narrator, describing to the player what each location in the cave has, the results of certain actions, or if it did not understand the player's commands, asking for the player to retype their actions.YOU ARE STANDING AT THE END OF A ROAD BEFORE A SMALL BRICK BUILDING. A SMALL STREAM FLOWS OUT OF THE BUILDING AND DOWN A GULLY. Certain actions may cause the death of the character (player has three lives), requiring the player to start again.

The game's FORTRAN code compared player's commands with its vocabulary, but using only the first five letters of each English word.

Unfortunately, this limitation was silently evident to the game player too, and adversely affected gameplay ("north" would be equivalent to "northeast").

Woods added upon Crowther's code in FORTRAN to include more high fantasy-related elements based on his love of the writings of J. The data consisted of 140 map locations, 293 vocabulary words, 53 objects (15 treasure objects), travel tables, and miscellaneous messages.

Like Crowther's original game, Woods' game also executed with all its data in memory, but required somewhat less core memory (42k words) than Crowther's game.

Players earn predetermined points for acquiring treasure and escaping the cave alive, with the goal to earn the maximum number of points offered.

The concept bore out from Crowther's background as a caving enthusiast, with the game's cave structured loosely around the Mammoth Cave system in Kentucky.

Following his divorce from Pat in 1975, Crowther wanted to connect better with his daughters, and decided a computerized simulation of his cave explorations with elements of his role-playing games would help.

He created a means by which the game could be controlled through natural language input so that it would be "a thing that gave you the illusion anyway that you'd typed in English commands and it did what you said".

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