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The victims were mutilated and their body parts are believed to have been sold in Tanzania to make potions.One man was sentenced to death and eight others were jailed in Burundi earlier this year.In captivity pythons will stretch slightly shorter in length.

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It has an 1/4 Arabic Hydronaut dial, the movement is a ETA 2824-2 derived Tudor calibre, which is used in almost all modern Tudor Submariners and dive watches.

There are several advancements made by Tudor for these movements, the balance wheel is advanced, and so is the regulator system, there in place is a Tudor specified screw type regulating system that advances the time backward and forward, but also doubles up as a regulating system for the closing up of the 'beat' I thought it unique enough so I had to make a mention of it.

They typically mate in spring and females lay on average 30 eggs.

Tudor Prince Date HYDRONAUT ' Albino' cream dial is available from PTC *Fully serviced to perfection* maintaining a token 6/-4 seconds per day in all positions. Probably for a gift purpose, but we do not know that history as it was acquired as you see it.

MPs and members of the public led by Speaker Rebecca Kadaga (2nd Left) march in Kampala in a bid to create awareness about the challenges faced by Albinos in Uganda as part of the activities to mark Parliament week which started on January 21, 2018.

Due to the abundance of Burmese pythons in captivity, there are many colours and patterns available now, including albino, green and tiger.

The species is not usually recommended for hobbyists as they are a long-term and expensive commitment.

Caution must be exercised around the snakes, as pythons have been known to cause death due to improper handling and the lack of fear they have towards humans.

One year ago, Mariam Staford Bandaba, an albino woman living in Tanzania, was viciously attacked by a machete-wielding gang who tried to kill her and sell her remains for witchcraft. The attackers chopped off one of her hands - the other had to be amputated in hospital, where she spent weeks recovering from her horrific injuries.

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