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Our vision at Successful Singles is to give you the means to achieve your ultimate goal…finding your soul mate and life partner.

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- Envisioning your eyes, your face, your touch and your taste- Heart moving at a faster pace as we finally embrace- Anticipation has my thoughts racing- Visions of catching the true love I’ve been chasing- Dodge these obstacles and detours we’re facing- Us together forever is our final destination with no hesitation- ©To be continued…

I’m writing again- me against the world, I’m fighting again.

I conduct the majority of my work from an old rural town in Massachusetts where I live.

I have recently started a meticulously detailed log that records my thought process, research approaches and analytical findings that has already proven to help people within the paranormal community.

I seek someone with a car who is willing to be a part of this for the experience alone so that I can continue my research.

I would need frequent conveyance to areas around Ware and occasional more distant destinations.

Here is a bit of my log so that you can familiarize yourself with my work in the Extraconventional Sciences.

I am also willing to share all of my photos, videos and experiences with you.

However, what is most unusual about me is that I have not lost these divine gifts after becoming an adult like other indigos.

I contribute this secret to remaining young in both my interests and heart, still seeing the world through the eyes of a child.

At Successful Singles, we believe that the synergy that exists in a compatible partnership is vital to the overall quality of one's life.

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