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There are less than 40 countries Filipinos can visit and most of these are the neighboring countries in Southeast Asia, some countries in South America, and in South Africa.

If you are a Philippine passport holder, check out below the updated list of countries that are visa-free with conditions posted next to the name of the country.

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As part of the ‘Power of Reading’ project, Year Four have been working hard with a variety of different books.

Our most recent book was ‘Gregory Cool’ by Caroline Binch.

Ikang is a 25-year-old person who writes stories and is an avid reader of fanfiction.

She (shamefully) admits to being a master of procrastination who tries to find a cure for chronic laziness, a mediocre writer who dreams of one day publishing a novel that will move people's hearts, and an aspiring digital artist-wannabe who is hungry for validation.

We are a beautiful, small school with caring staff and awesome students.

I encourage you to see what the students have been up to in the classroom blogs and on Facebook.

We read the story and used the text for various activities, ranging from character profiles and compare/contrast sheets to poetry and art based work.

Here are a few of the photos from our work, more pictures to follow!

She also likes to think she’s funny, so if an attempt at a joke leaves you cringing, she requests that you inform her so that she may never make any such jokes again.

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