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Eligible Greeks has steadily grown for the past 15 years, in large part, due to how widely Greeks have spread throughout the world.“Since we’ve started the site, we have welcomed close to 1 million eligible Greeks from Greece and Cyprus,” Christina said.

Eligible Greeks’ vast community (nearly 1 million members) and friendly environment act as a launching pad to create lasting bonds between thousands of couples.

Whether you’re in Greece or anywhere in the vast Hellenic diaspora, Eligible Greeks can help you find pragma — the love shared by those in deep, mature, and long-standing partnerships.

The dating site boasts almost 1 million members and offers an ideal venue for Greek singles to meet their soulmates no matter where they are in the world.

Eligible launched in 2002 with a mission “to help create real connections and spread loving vibes all over the world.” The site also looks to make relationship building enjoyable and easy.

While visiting Aphrodite’s birthplace, Petra tou Romiou, Louise noticed people making hearts using white pebbles from the shoreline.

She grabbed one of the smaller stones from the center of a large heart and took it home as a souvenir. They were happy, but there was something missing — they needed to fill a void in their hearts with love.

“From staff with more customer support-oriented skill sets to our more technically advanced team members, each one of us is in tune with our members’ needs and challenges,” she said.

“And we always try to improve our services based directly on customer feedback.” This versatility helps the team understand how background and ethnicity can connect singles on a deeper level.

Not long after, Banayiodis was walking along this same beach and noticed the heart with a hole in it. And, as destiny would have it, their paths crossed on Eligible

“Louise sent a message to a user named Leonidas1821, and that username was, in fact, me,” Banayiodis said.

“Especially, when living outside of the motherland, finding a person who gets where you’re literally coming from and all that entails can be priceless.” Shared traditions, religion, family experiences, and, of course, food, bring a wealth of instant topics to discuss and bond over.

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