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In such a situation, Paul says the abandoned spouse is not enslaved (ESV).

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to close his case on remarriage, “whoever marries a divorced woman commits adultery.” So, if you married a divorced woman, then you’ve committed adultery. So, had she actually committed adultery and he had divorced her, then she wouldn’t be an adulterer?!!

You can see the absurdity of forcing a literal interpretation of this passage.

We live in a world riddled by divorce and brokenness. No doubt remarriage adds on additional layers of complication and, in some cases, more layers of brokenness. My response follows his main points in the sequence they were presented.

The videos are posted by a Joseph Alexander, whom I don’t know.

Paul is clearly trying to discourage further divorce.

Echoing Jesus’ own teaching, he pastorally teaches that someone should not divorce their spouse and marry another.

26, which places Paul’s instructions in the context of “the present distress.” We don’t know what the present distress was, but, at least some of Paul’s instructions may be related to that present distress. 10-11 express unretractable and unqualified condemnation of remarriage. The person who divorces his wife, except for sexual immorality, makes her commit adultery.

Alexander couples this verse with the last part of Matt. So, she didn’t commit sexual immorality, but she is made an adulterer by him!

So, the woman, who is a victim in this case, is divorced and somehow turned into an adulterer.

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