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But the 'Digital' or what the DWP call the 'Full' service is slowly rolling out across GB and NI.Anyone of working age living in the Full / Digital service areas can make a claim for UC (although whether they are entitled to any UC will depend on their personal circumstances). So there is currently a 'twin-track' approach with claims from certain claimants being dealt with on an IT system developed prior to 2013 ie the Live / Gateway claims.They are merely hiring SPS to (a) enforce, because SPS is not processing payments from the borrower nor making payments to the investors (that is done by Chase or whoever is the the named servicer in the PSA) and (b) create the illusion of business records by having an SPS representative testify that the business records of SPS should be admitted because SPS examined the prior records of the prior servicers and found them to be correct in what they call a “boarding” process. § 506(d), and the Debtor retains the property, free of any claim of the Defendants. The Court will proceed to gargle in an effort to remove the lingering bad taste.11] In as much as the Court finds that the Defendants are time-barred from enforcing the note or the mortgage, it is not necessary to address Debtor’s arguments that Defendants lack standing to enforce the note and mortgage based on alleged defects in the Assignment or the alleged impact of a Settlement Agreement.

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The pages of this website provide a comprehensive overview of Universal Credit - together with commentary and tools to ensure any problems the introduction of Universal Credit is causing are kept to a minimum.

The government's aim is to streamline the benefits system making it easier to understand, improve work incentives, make it easier for claimant's to move in and out of work, tackle poverty amongst low income families, encourage responsibilty, and reduce the scope for error and fraud.

Universal Credit was first introduced in 2013 for a limited group of claimants on certain areas in the GB - on the Live / Gateway service.

This service isnow 'live' across the whole of GB - but there have been no new claims accepted onto this service since 1st January 2018.

Both the attempt at creating legal presumptions regarding the note and mortgage and the attempt to use the business records of an “enforcer” posing as a “servicer” should be rejected. Given that Defendants’ putative secured claim is unenforceable under 11 U.

THIS ARTICLE IS MY OPINION AND SHOULD NOT BE USED AS A SUBSTITUTE FOR THE ADVICE FROM AN ATTORNEY LICENSED TO PRACTICE IN THE JURISDICTION IN WHICH YOUR PROPERTY IS LOCATED. Restore points also are created at scheduled intervals.If your computer experiences problems after an update, you can restore the computer to particular restore points.The “loan” is clearly already declared to be in default — making the claim of negotiable paper (and the presumptions) moot.So the entrance of SPS or another “servicer” under these circumstances is just another layer to fool the court and the borrower.Click "Start" | "All Programs" |"Accessories" | "System Tools" | "System Restore" to launch the System Restore utility.

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