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Our ancestors were using these structures at least 500,000 years ago.

If you were suddenly plucked from your life and sent back in time to live with people in Indonesia about 15,000 years ago (or even Ethiopia 150,000 years ago), you would be able to figure out what is going on.

Morality is independent from religion, while religion is dependent on human morality. There’s also the fact that non-human primates and other animals display behaviors that are indistinguishable from what we’d call morality.

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This often meant an immoral suppression of women and a woman’s sexuality was often viewed as dangerous and a mysterious trap…

this abortion protected the man’s “family” and genetic line, but humiliated and harmed the wife and ironically could have terminated a faithful wife and her paranoid husband’s fetus. Many primitive cultures allowed for multiple wives, concubines, purchasing of wives as slaves, and temple prostitutes.

Moral judgments depend on these mechanisms and appear to operate independently of one's religious background.

However, although religion did not originally emerge as a biological adaptation, it can play a role in both facilitating and stabilizing cooperation within groups, and as such, could be the target of cultural selection." [ read the entire article here...

I’m a woman, and I emphatically would not “fit in pretty fast,” nor would I find that the basic social roles, responsibilities, and civil rules would seem somewhat familiar to me.

Have you simply lost sight of the fact that in many many places the basic social roles, responsibilities, and civil rules mandate that women be entirely powerless and dependent, and subject to violent punishment up to and including death by torture for even the smallest infraction or even suspicion of infraction of this mandate?

Different religions talk about all manner of strange supernatural agents perpetually obsessed with correct human conduct.

(You'd think any actual self-respecting deity would have more interesting things to do.) Yet basic morality itself is remarkably consistent across human societies.

but as John said these ugly things were also around before religion.

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