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In fact, I got the impression during our initial telephone discussion – and nothing had changed my mind since – that Devon was a true, bona-fide princess.

Her squealy voice and infectious personality had warmed my heart, and made me feel good inside.

I worked 20 hours per day getting the mansion ready, installing all of the wiring and video equipment, and finally stocking the supplies for the six women and yours truly with plenty left over to spare for emergencies.

The supply boat would only come once a week, so if there was a massive storm or unforeseen disaster, we could potentially be stranded.

A great deal of time and money had been invested into this.

A whole year of preparations were at stake, beginning with the thousands of flyers sent to health clubs and universities all across North America offering six weeks of relaxation and fun on the tropical island that I called home, and a cool, whopping payment of $100,000 (USD) at the end.

Pamela was perhaps the smartest, most intellectual person I had ever come across in my life.

She was a proud, card-carrying member of _Mensa_ and ranked very high on the Dean’s List at the Maryland university which she attended.

Island Fever Written by: Jeremy [email protected] 1: “Paid Vacation” -*- Monday, June 3, 2013 -*- Finally, the time was at hand – the girls were arriving today!

This past week was devoted to getting everything on the island ready for the six young ladies who would spend the upcoming six weeks here with me.

She had been through a failed marriage and seemed to take immense pride in exuding a _bad girl_ persona.

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