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Mc Bain down a blind alley is in for a very pleasant surprise. 'Another Part of the City' begins well enough but peters out."(1987) "[S]ome of the 87th Precinct books are inevitably better than others. In the Mc Bain books the story is the thing."(1989) "The author has not caved in to the cynicism of the metropolis he writes about. Mc Bain's square-jawed dialogue and stout grip on detection procedures give his narrative the muscularity characteristic of the whole Hope series. But if the author can't work us up over these odious citizens, he does his usual brilliant job of making human beings out of hard-bitten policemen."(1992) "[T]he author delivers the rest of the goods: wired action scenes, dialogue that breathes, characters with heart and characters who eat those hearts, and glints of unforgiving humor. The hard-boiled novelist also reveals his antic side here . ."(2000) "Mc Bain has managed to sustain the continuity of the series for nearly half a century without compromising his formula or sacrificing its freshness . then suddenly, well before the end, there is a glaring clue that gives the game away . ."(1986) "Anyone who feared, as I did, that Matthew Hope was leading Mr. It gives the outward appearance of realism but in fact is as substantial as cotton candy. Mc Bain still delivers a story without fidgeting, like someone who knows the law's on his side."(1990) "Mr. Mc Bain's neck-snapping dialogue, his dynamic court scenes or his vigorous character study . ."(1995) "This deftly constructed narrative, with its interconnected story lines and parallel sets of characters, shows off the ingenuity of his plotting. [H]is dialogue is so sharp you could cut your wrists on it." (1954) "The theme of this first novel is the problem of the teacher in the vocational high school in New York City and it has been knocked together earnestly, say, as a monograph on the subject put out by the National Education Association and with pretty much the same air of excitement about it."(1955) "Evan Hunter's 'Blackboard Jungle,' which tells a vicious and terrifying tale of rampant hoodlumism . It is sure to be equally sensational and controversial, now that it is made into a film."(1956) ".

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Marsten has invented completely unbelievable characters."(1954) ". "And I'm not quite accepted in the 'literary community' because I write mystery novels." Home | Site Index | Site Search | Forums | Archives | Marketplace Quick News | Page One Plus | International | National/N.

offers evidence that the innocent too may flee when no man pursueth, if his skin is the 'wrong' color . Marsten certainly deserves credit for his industry in mastering the background of his story. Parker, who edited and completed the book, "has taken the slimmest of beginnings [and] fashioned from it a rattling good mystery." (December 30, 1993) Written shortly after the Mollen Commission issued its report on police corruption in New York City, Mc Bain, writing as Evan Hunter, says that he continues to portray police sympathetically because "Most cops go into it because they truly do wish to protect and preserve this covenant we've made."(April 30, 1995) Mc Bain, who considered a lawsuit against "Hill Street Blues" because of its similarities to his 87th Precinct series, discusses his plans for TV movies and his latest novel, "Romance."(January 30, 2000) "I'm not quite accepted among mystery writers because they suspect that I think I'm slumming when I'm Ed Mc Bain," Mc Bain said in a New York Times interview.

There is not really much to digest in this kind of prose. Ed Mc Bain owns this turf."(1993) "Although the macabre explanation for Mary's behavior is too much of a psychological stretch, it doesn't detract from Mr. was sensational and controversial when it appeared as a novel last fall. could be called a tour de force, since its significance does not interfere with its impact as entertainment.

for the most part the familiar skill and ingenuity are very much in evidence."(1987) "Few authors can so produce shreds of dialogue and use up a couple of pages with them.

The LLM programme in Global Criminal Law focuses on the application of the criminal law – both substantive and procedural - in the context of global criminality, including organized, transnational, and international criminality.

This track offers you the two-fold opportunity to study substantive and procedural criminal law from a comparative and international perspective but also to specialize in the study of specific criminal behavior: organized and financial crimes, cybercrimes and international crimes.

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Graduates can apply their specialized understanding of substantive and procedural criminal law in domestic, regional and international contexts.

seems intended by both author and publisher as a serious mainstream novel; and I hate to report that Hunter's commercial and pseudonymous paperbacks, especially those by 'Ed Mc Bain,' are more satisfactory by any serious standards."(1961) ". But for the typical to be convincing, they must first be specific. Hunter is a serious and honorable writer trying to entertain us, and also trying to tell us, now and again, some useful things about our lives.

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