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Plaid Cymru have two seats, while North Ireland's DUP have three seats.1.00am In the last hour, Labour have continued to retain seats in the North East while the Tories have held seats in Basildon & Billericay, Broxbourne, Basildon South, Kettering and Nuneaton, with the latter constituency deemed a bellwether seat by David Cameron at the last General Election.

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The Labour party continues to do well across the country, with the party’s vote share up almost 10 per cent compared with the 2015 election.

Sky News forecasts the Conservatives winning between 308-328 seats, while the BBC expects the Tories to take 322 seats, with Labour winning 261.2.00am Election results are coming in thick and fast and Labour have become the first party to the 50-seat mark, as Theresa May's campaign continues to fall apart.

5.00am Home Secretary Amber Rudd has retained her Hastings & Rye seat after a recount, which led many to suggest that she hay have been in danger of losing her seat.

In another devastating blow for the SNP, the party’s former leader Alex Salmond has been ousted from his Gordon constituency by the Conservatives, who have seen a small resurgence in the last hour or so.

Party leader Tim Farron could lose his Westmorland seat according to early forecasts, while former minister Vince Cable has regained the Twickenham constituency.

Meanwhile in Scotland the SNP deputy leader Angus Robertson has also lost his seat, this time to the Conservatives, with the governing party increasing their share of the vote by 16.5 percent to win the Moray constituency.

Tory Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon told the BBC: "This is a projection, it's not a result.

These exit polls have been wrong in the past."Sir Craig Oliver, former director of communications at Downing Street for David Cameron, told Sky News: "If this is true, if this is accurate in CCHQ there will be deep and lasting shock."It was the biggest gamble a politician has taken for a long time and if that exit poll is right, it's failed."10.30pm Labour's shadow chancellor John Mc Donnell also warned against reading too much into the prediction, saying: "We have to have some scepticism about all polls at the moment."Award-winning filmmaker Ken Loach, a supporter of Jeremy Corbyn, added: "If this is true, it's an extraordinary result for Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party, starting so far back and written off."He said it would be recognition of Mr Corbyn as a "man of principle" rather than Mrs May's "robot" persona.

The governing party currently have 290 seats, while Labour have 249, an increase of 29 seats.

Despite Nick Clegg’s notable defeat, the Lib Dems have 12 seats and the SNP have 33, a loss of 20 seats.

It's on a real knife-edge."10.47pm But a deal could be out of the question, according to Liberal Democrat sources.

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