Updating u4

A fault code of 00 indicates that no problem was found.

Added 7th April 2015 Note: If you are getting an error for Invalid Picture after copying the file you will been working on or making some slight changes to the formulas or chart.

For their PS/2 systems, IBM used a system of diagnostic codes to diagnose trouble spots in a given computer.

One of the powerful features of this application is its ability to quickly show who is overdue for training in any department at any given time frame.

To achieve this we need to adjust the criteria range for our advanced filter and sends them different values to that criteria range.

Put simple we are not adding a chart to the userform: We are adding an updated picture to the image control of the userform.

Every time we run some code to filter data we update the picture with a new one.

Right Click and choose Assign Macro and then select the procedure below and click OK.

When we add a new staff member or new training we need to sort the database. You can change this to suit your needs, it is not application critical.

In this instance I am sorting the database by Departments. Here is the code for the advanced filter that add dynamic named range will be picking up.

Do not forget that the when using advanced filters that you must use the same headers for the Extract Range and the Copy To range and also the Criteria range.

The codes that I am presenting here are from documents I have read through, found on the web, found in old books, documents and technical papers.

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