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You're too nice to say no,' she smiled back at me, then took off back to the nurses station, 'See you Monday!' I live about 10 minutes drive from the hospital where I work; it's fairly central and handy for everything.When we had first met, I found it very difficult to tell him what I liked, but over time, I had become used to begging with him, pleading with him to do things to me that I had previously never articulated: I found this so incredibly erotic, and my mind now dwelt on all those acts his wishes and orders had driven me too, and which I wanted to do for him.

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I lightly flicked just the tip of my clit, and shivered in anticipation.

My cunt was crying out for attention, so I reached down and slowly pushed a finger inside, feeling the warmth and depth of my sex-one finger wasn't enough though.

I positioned it at the foot of the bed where I got a view of my full pussy and ass-is that what you saw when you were fucking me? The dildo was large but I was so needy and so wet that it slipped into me with ease. I switched it on and it started to vibrate deep in my pussy-I felt the head rotating pushing on my cunt walls, driving me crazy.

With my left hand I kept the dildo in place; my right was working frantically at my clit.

OK, so I don't miss him, but I miss having someone around, having someone to cuddle. I poured myself a large gin and tonic and waited for the takeaway pizza to arrive.

Then I sat like a zombie in front of the TV, mindlessly channel hopping but I couldn't concentrate or settle. I thought a hot bath might settle me, but by the time I was ready for bed, the alcohol singing in my head, my need was growing.

I reached under the bed to the box where I kept my toys and found the dildos. I wanted some one else to take charge, to make the decisions, to give me orders that I would obey.

And one of the orders that Harry had always insisted on was that I show him and tell him what I wanted; he loved to watch me masturbate, to see how I pleasured myself and to tell him what I wanted to do to me.

' a clear voice rang out behind me just as I was attempting to leave the ward.

I felt myself tense up: I was supposed to have left well over an hour ago, yet there was an endless stream of 'Just while you're here....' and 'Would you have a look at...' from the nurses and my day seemed to be stretching longer and longer. The nurse who had called me took a step back, surprised at the venom in my voice. ' I softened my tone, chastened by her consternation at upsetting me.

Lying in bed, my mind conjuring up images of him, I couldn't resist any longer.

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