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That’s a question France is asking as the government prepares to set a legal age for sexual consent for the first time.Twice in recent weeks, French courts have refused to prosecute men for rape after they had sex with 11-year-old girls because authorities couldn’t prove coercion.

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The maths teacher and the 14-year-old student, who was in his class last year, began chatting on Instagram on February before beginning a relationship in June.

For her parents, the teacher is a sexual predator, despite their daughter’s claim that the pair are in love.

In recent years there have been several trials in Western countries involving teachers who slept with students, the most famous being that of American woman Mary Kay Letourneau.

Letourneau was a 34-year-old married mother of four when she began a relationship with a 12-year-old student whom she later wed.

Multimillionaire Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, who is accused of sexual misconduct by dozens of women in the U.

S., reportedly hosted drug-fueled sex parties, according to accounts in French media.

But in France, the producer recognized as one of the richest men in Hollywood was known in Cannes for his wild parties featuring orgies and cocaine, a film industry source told won big.

The festival released a statement this week signed by the festival's presidents, Pierre Lescure and Thierry Frémaux, after the allegations surfaced.

Currently, sex with a minor aged under 15 is classified as sexual assault, punishable by up to five years in prison.

Adults wielding some form of authority over the child face stiffer sentences.

Protesters waved placards that read “for him impunity, for her a life sentence” in reference to the recent cases.

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