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And it didn't create adultery, bullying, pornography or any of the age-old woes cited in Jason Reitman's cautionary tale "Men, Women & Children." It can, however, be used to hack into the servers of Sony Pictures and leak embarrassing emails. -- VERNE GAY Did Kardashian fans really need to hang in the Hamptons with Kourtney and Khloe, or "Duck Dynasty" ones get down with the good ol' boys on "Country Buck$"?

He's an actor, novelist, filmmaker and -- let's just say it -- an all-around artist.

The on-screen results, though, have been pretty ponderous and difficult to sit through, including this year's dour "Child of God" and the aimless teen film "Palo Alto." You can't blame Franco for following his muse, but you'll be forgiven for not tagging along.

-- MARION WINK We're three volumes into "My Struggle," the multivolume autobiographical novel by the blue-eyed graphomane from Norway, Karl Ove Knausgaard.

Book One covered the death of his father; Book Two, his marriage to his second wife; Book Three turned the microscope on his childhood.

And, months after the Rivers controversy, does anyone still care?

-- LINDA WINER Here's a snoozefest for you: a slew of career-conscious memoirs by elected representatives past and present.Between the Academy of Country Music Awards, the Country Music Television Awards, the American Country Awards and, most recently, the American Country Countdown Awards, it really is more than covered.-- GLEN GAMBOA There are some legitimate reasons for singers not to sing live.Under outlandish pressure, the league reversed itself and dimmed for Joan.But does anyone really pay attention to who gets picked and why?Her mother, Emma (Harris), was a teacher and a nurse, and her father, Robert James Johnson, Jr., was a clergyman.

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