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City Council Photographic Collection: Photographs of City Council of Jacksonville members dating from the late 19th century through the late 20th century.Consolidated City of Jacksonville Records: The records of the committees and individuals involved in activities leading up to the consolidation of the City of Jacksonville (not inventoried).Memorial Park Collection: Papers, documents, photographs and historical records related to Memorial Park and the Memorial Park Association in Jacksonville’s Riverside neighborhood.

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The collection contains approximately four hundred and sixty-seven (467) loose photos as well as eighty-five (85) photographs in various albums.

There are also various newspaper articles about the Consulate in Jacksonville.

The applications contain information about each applicant’s history, including work history, current and former residences, places of birth, occupation and more.

The applications also show the social connection between individuals as it lists those already in the Elks Club who sponsored the applicant, as well including references for the applicant. Elsner Collection: Professional photographer William Elsner’s photos of 1930’s Jacksonville; active street scenes, presidential motorcades, city skylines and more (not inventoried by collection, but by subject matter).

Carrick Collection: The blueprints, working plans, scrapbooks and images of the bridges of Carrick in and around Jacksonville, Florida in 20th century Jacksonville.

Chamber of Commerce Collection: Tens of thousands of documents and photographs relating primarily to 1990’s Jacksonville business and Chamber activities.

The majority of the album contains images that were later made into stereographs and sold to Jacksonville tourists, many of which became well-known Florida images.

Leah Mary Cox Collection: Photo collection of 4,075 glass plates with images relating to late 19th century and early 20th century Jacksonville, including street scenes, pre and post Great Fire photos, buildings, homes, portraits and recreational images, and more.

An ever increasing electronic presence offers users throughout the world the opportunity to locate information and rare materials on Jacksonville and Northeast Florida.

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