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Parťáka do posilovny, dobrého posluchače, upřímného kritika nebo lásku svého života.

Parťáka do posilovny, dobrého posluchače, upřímného kritika nebo lásku svého života.

But sometime between 20, John Lloyd gifted Sarah a ring. "I don’t wanna force anyone who doesn’t wanna be with me." In the same interview, Ruffa revealed that John Lloyd kept texting her months after he and Shaina Magdayao became a couple.

John Lloyd dug up that part of his past with Sarah during their guesting in For the record, John Lloyd’s secret romance with Ruffa Gutierrez started in “March 2009” and ended in “February 2010.” This is according to Ruffa, who gave a tell-all interview in the November 6, 2011 episode of TV5’s now-defunct showbiz talk show, in 2008, where John Lloyd, again, played the leading man, Armando, to Bea Alonzo’s Betty. When they became a couple, John Lloyd and Ruffa agreed to keep a tight lid on this, mainly for "career" reasons. Ruffa said John Lloyd wanted her back, but that he was afraid it would cost him his showbiz career.

The then-37-year-old Ruffa said, "I’m not a relationship wrecker!

"I mean, if you look back in the past, ako nga yung-time. " Ruffa and John Lloyd have kept in touch despite their controversial dating history.

Around that time, another high-profile celebrity couple, Angelica Panganiban and Derek Ramsay, had called it quits.

On May 4, 2012, Shaina issued an official statement, confirming that she and John Lloyd had indeed broken up.

But their secret romance turned sour when Ruffa discovered for herself what John Lloyd had admitted to her at the beginning of their relationship., ‘You can drink all you want till you turn blue, I don’t care.’" Ruffa was referring to her marriage to Yilmaz Bektas, which ended amidst allegations of spousal abuse. According to Ruffa, she made it clear to John Lloyd that he should man up before reaching out to her again.

And then in January 2011, she became entangled in John Lloyd and Shaina’s love troubles.

She was his "magnetic Michiko.” Liz was a svelte morena with chinky eyes who caught his attention when he saw her for the first time at the Hong Kong International Airport. “I’ll die saying nice things about her,” said John Lloyd, adding that of all his exes—at the time of the interview, in any case—Liz had the most influence on him.

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