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The bold project of digitizing the ledgers was devised by a uniquely dedicated and gifted individual, Robert Gaskins, to whom the Horniman Museum owes a profound debt of gratitude.

A number of experts in different subject areas, based in Europe and the US, are already working on their own research projects associated with the history, development and music of the instrument.

The information gleaned from these experts’ consultations of the digitized ledgers is helping to fuel the work of their transcription and analysis.

Among the highlights are twelve ledgers from the C. More recently, Steve Dickinson, concertina maker and owner of C.

Wheatstone & Co., generously loaned five more ledgers to the Horniman Museum, covering the output of the factory for the years 1910 to 1974.

The Horniman Museum is committed to providing learning opportunities to the community at large, and is specifically committed to broadening its service to members of the community who do not normally access cultural institutions.

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