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Wesley and Natalie realize that, although they love each other, their marriage would not be happy because they are only together for their parents. As the plane is taking off, he sees Lindsey and Ariel sitting across the aisle.

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Tyler perry and dating

After lunch, Wilimena meets Natalie, Natalie’s mother, and Natalie’s best friend at the bridal shop.

The two mothers urge Natalie to think about her future with Wesley.

His fiancée, Natalie (Gabrielle Union), fixes breakfast for him, noting his predictable routine.

Before work, Wesley picks up his delinquent younger brother, Walter (Brian J.

On the impoverished side of town, Lindsey Wakefield (Thandie Newton), a single mother and cleaner for the Deeds Corporation, finds out she will be evicted if she doesn’t pay her bills soon.

Lindsey rushes to pick up her check from work and ends up parking in Wesley’s reserved spot, leaving her six-year-old daughter, Ariel (Jordenn Thompson), in the car. Lindsey returns to find her car towed and argues with the two men.Wilimena hints to Lindsey that Wesley would not stay with someone poorer for long.Natalie, Wesley, Walter, Wilimena, and Lindsey become trapped in an elevator after Wesley and Walter fight.Taking her belongings, she picks up Ariel from school and works another shift. Wesley takes Lindsey and Ariel out for pizza; the trio bonds.Ariel’s teacher finds out Lindsey and Ariel are homeless and threatens to call child services.Lindsey takes Ariel to school, while Wesley has a meeting with his coworker and best friend, John (Eddie Cibrian), over acquiring a company Wesley's father has been competing against for years.

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