Updating my old laptop

Then on the playback tab in the window that opens press right click and chech the show disabled divices and the disconnected and see if anything show up in the list. The window that opens shows two icons: The first one is my default system audio, the other shows the Sony TV. The Sony TV has a little round green icon next to it with a telephone in the middle.

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If yes change the resolution on one random and then set it back at maximum. I thought you had already tried setting your default audio to Sony TV. The thing you want now is not possible, at least as far as i know.

I turned on my laptop yesterday and there is no wifi option on my laptop.

Once I start a program such as media player, it will stick with the current default audio device. Hey, I tried all of those things that you suggested. I don't know what you did in that video, but when I clicked on your link, my problem with my headphone jack was solved instantly. I have Add Hardware but that's used for installing new hardware.

I have a Toshiba laptop still on windows xp, the headphones and external speakers used to work plugged in, and now the laptop just continues to play through the laptop speakers. I was actually playing sound through my speakers on another open website (netflix), and when I opened your youtube page, the sound finally transferred through to my headphones which I was also wearing at the time. ive been having this issue for a year where I can hear through my speakers, though not through my headphones. who knew all I had to do was assign the headphones as the default?!?!?! I use a Windows Vista operating system and have an Acer laptop.. (my problem, btw, is that my laptop plays sound fine but it's not coming through the headphone jack!

I've read some of the other threads on the same subject and have restarted the laptop with TV on and HDMI cable plugged in, but still no sound.

As I am typing this, I can see this screen on my TV, so we are connected properly.

And also try different headphones, those could have messed up as well.

Now lets say that you do see the headphones show up as an audio device.

Go to the control panel, then to hardware and sound, then sound.

You should see something called manage audio devices. select your headphones at the bottom it will say set as default, select this option.

I have gone to my control panel several times, selected 'Hardware and Sound', and looked around, but I can't find anything in there that allows me to select HDMI.

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