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Kingdom of Magadha This was one of the first kingdoms to be founded by the newly arrived Indo-Aryans in India after 1500 BC.

The heart of the early Aryan territory was the region of Peshawar in modern Pakistan, but the Magadhas may have been amongst the first to venture further eastwards.

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The East Indo-Europeans who supplied the tribes which formed the later Indo-Aryans and their sister branch, the Indo-Iranians, were documented as calling themselves Aryans when they entered India.

This rather elitist naming is explained as a reaction to the apparently barbarous people they encountered in India, although an earlier reason may supply the true meaning because the name clearly predated the migration into India (its survival in Central Asia and Iran shows this).

Modern Indian historians tend to assume longer lengths, pushing the start of this list back to an earlier date than is shown here.

This has the effect of placing the earliest Magadha rulers in Peshawar, or still on the migratory trail into India, whereas here they are assumed to have already infiltrated the Ganges Plain before their first Indian (as opposed to Indo-Aryan migration) dynasty is proclaimed.

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Those settlements developed into the Indus Valley culture, but while this provided an early flowering of civilisation in north-western India in the third millennium BC, its demise around 1700 BC left South Asia without an urban culture until small cities emerged in the east, in the Ganges valley and northern India.

During the later years of the Indus Valley culture, and that of its more northerly counterpart, the Bactria-Margiana Archaeological Complex (BMAC), climate change was clearly having an affect.

India India has been inhabited since about 70,000-60,000 BC - one of the earliest locations to be permanently inhabited by hunter-gatherers who had emerged from Africa up to 10,000 years before.

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