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The icon was revised to match the System Preferences icon used in the then-named OS X computer operating system developed by Apple; and a "Do Not Disturb" mode was added, which allows users to disable phone sounds.Additional options for Do Not Disturb mode include being able to allow phone calls from a specific group of contacts, and allowing sound on the second call if someone calls repeatedly.

i OS 6 didn't "completely change the way you use your device", but "each of the tweaks [...] will make many daily smartphone actions easier across the board", and critics noted that refinement of "something that already works extremely well" is "something other companies would do well to emulate".

The release of Apple Maps, however, attracted significant criticism, due to inaccurate or incomplete data.

There were also tweaks to the App Store's search algorithm, resulting in a "trend to favor newer companies", which sparked both developer concerns and praise.

Upon receiving calls, i OS 6 enabled users to swipe up the lock screen to reveal "Reply with message" or "Remind me later".

Craig Grannell of Tech Radar wrote that "i OS 6 is rather like the i Phone 5 or OS X Mountain Lion - the refinement of something that already works extremely well.

Apple isn't overhauling things for the sake of it but, in the main, making the i OS experience gradually better.A crescent moon icon will appear in the status bar when Do Not Disturb mode is enabled. In addition to "Location Services", the following menus were added in i OS 6: "Contacts", "Calendars", "Reminders", and "Photos".The updated privacy menus allow users more fine-grained privacy permission controls for each app, with new notifications when apps want access to information in each of the categories.The "Reply with message" feature shows several pre-determined messages with an option for a custom message, while the "Remind me later" feature offers several options (such as an hour later, when the user gets home, or when the user leaves the current location) to enable a reminder.Apple told The Verge that the reason for the removal was due to an expired license, but that You Tube users could still view videos through the Safari web browser.In 2012, You Tube made the "gutsy move" to discontinue the license in an effort to "take back control of our app" by developing it themselves. Dan Seifert of The Verge wrote that "i OS 6 looks nearly identical to i OS 5.

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