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(It is implied that he kidnapped Daphne, mistaking her for Pamela.) After solving the mystery, a heated argument ensues among the members of Mystery Incorporated.Fred Jones (Freddie Prinze, Jr.) is accused of taking credit for Velma Dinkley’s (Linda Cardellini) ideas, and Daphne states that she is tired of always getting kidnapped.

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gang illustrates a plan to catch the Luna Ghost who has kidnapped Daphne Blake (Sarah Michelle Gellar), flying around with her bound and gagged, which does not go as planned, but ends with Shaggy Rogers (Matthew Lillard) and Scooby-Doo (voiced by Neil Fanning) causing the Ghost to be caught.

The gang unmasks the Luna Ghost, who is revealed to be the janitor of the Wow-O-Toy Factory, Old Man Smithers, who wanted revenge against Pamela Anderson after she refused to go out with him.

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As Scrappy is arrested, he says “I would’ve gotten away with it, too!

If not for you meddling sons of —”, but the police shut the door of the helicopter before he can finish, while Daphne is talking to the press.

Don’t miss it if you’re a Scooby fan: you won’t regret it!

On Saturday morning (February 24, 2018) the American Sun-Times reported April Bowlby and boyfriend, to be shopping for engagement rings.

As Scooby and the gang reconcile, the helicopter takes Scrappy and his minions away.

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