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MACY GRAY Artist Noriyoshi Kudo created this outdoor fountain sculpture for the singer.MICHAEL BOLTON The bust depicts the balladeer before he chopped his locks in ’98.Since medical science has only been able to alleviate dysphoria for about a century, the vast majority of transgender people in history did not have the option to change their bodies, and many today still don't have access to medical transitioning options.

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(Which is why in nearly all countries, a birth certificate will now say "sex" instead of gender, leaving it up to the individual to find out instead.) Gender falls on a big gradient — some people are strictly male or female, and others have aspects of both, or are neither.

Transgender people can experience gender dysphoria (discomfort caused by being trans) on physical or social levels, and can pursue medical means (e.g.

hormone replacement, surgery, etc.) to help mitigate this discomfort.

Others don't pursue medical treatment for various reasons — for example, because they don't experience discomfort, because socially transitioning is enough for them, or because no available medical options fit their gender.

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