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Questions have been received concerning to the dating of a registrant’s seal on professional documents when original documents are sealed and when revisions are made to professional documents after they have been sealed and signed by the registrant. § 32-125, the Board developed this substantive policy statement.After reviewing Board statutes and rules, including R4-30-304, as well as A. This substantive policy statement is offered as guidance to persons interpreting Board statutes and rules.

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When multiple sheets in a set of professional documents are individually sealed, only those revised sheets need to be re-sealed and signed.

The cover sheet for the set does not need to be re-sealed unless the cover sheet has been revised.

The victims are, however, not likely get all their money back.

3 victims of online dating scammer share their horror stories during Dalton Pierce's sentencing.

Her patience surpassed most and she had empathy for all living beings.

Her acceptance of others and caring soul, was infectious to all who came in contact with her.

She went on to say because of the scam, she couldn't send her daughter to college.

Victims also say Pierce took out fraudulent loans in their names, ruined their credit scores, and as a result, they suffered financial losses such as foreclosure, repossession and bankruptcy.

Several of the women Pierce scammed were in court, and tearfully shared their stories of falling for Pierce's scheme."I met him on, went on a few dates," said Rose Reddy. He would meet women on sites like Match, Plenty Of Fish, and Tinder.

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