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Online cam chat humiliation

Having a tiny cock is every mans nightmare and to be made to stand with your hands behind your back while a gorgeous women who you lust after laughs at you, calls you names and mocks you for never being able to satisfy a woman will have you bowing your head in shame.

She will mercilessly laugh at you, snigger, point her finger at you and compare you to all her real men lovers.

Goddess Jennifer categorizes men who are into SPH as “extremely funny and creative people,” but adds: “Then again, they do have tiny dicks so they kinda need to have that.”I emailed four men from Reddit who get off on their penises being humiliated for more information about the SPH fetish. I’m a professional guy, work in a corporate environment doing corporate things.

The names that the four men supplied are pseudonyms. Can you tell me a little about yourself and your basic relationship to small penis humiliation? Sexually, I’m straight-identifying, but have had bisexual experiences.

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Might be to put him in his place and to remind him just who is in charge. The strict women online are cold hearted,mean and heartless when it comes to dealing with inferior, snivelling male creatures and they will humiliate you till you are nothing more than a crumpled, sobbing pile of tears and snot.

A woman who goes by “The Goddess Jennifer” runs the Tumblr

She receives upwards of 100 tiny dick photos a day (many of them images of men turtling their penises inside 3” toilet paper rolls).

What ever the reason though, you can be rest assured that if you use a live femdom cams site to serve one of the superior females on there then you will suffer humiliation and degradation like you never thought possible.

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