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"Janice, my sincerest apologies," Reddington chirps to a woman he's just stuffed into her own closet, a moment after shooting her husband's knee. Before the script made it to Spader, several actors passed on the part, which Bokencamp says turned into an unexpected bit of luck. This means there's a terrible security issue for Reddington. He's collecting a paycheck, so why on Earth would he care so much?"Now I can't see anyone else in this role," he tells me. These days, Bokencamp and fellow executive producer John Eisendrath spend a good chunk of their time ministering to Spader, a tradition that will continue for at least another year, since NBC picked up the show for a second season. The conversations can be frustrating."The shit hit the fan when Spader got a two-part script in which the secret FBI black site where Reddington meets his handlers is invaded by assassins aiming to kill him. "Because I have to perform it," he says, as if it's the most obvious thing in the world.See the 15 TV shows we can't wait to watch in 2014"Deborah," Spader calls out into the darkness. " The first Stella of the day is cracked, just before noon.

"If you were a character actor who didn't necessarily look like a character actor, you had to play bad guys." He excelled at it, and spent much of the Eighties trailing slime through Brat Pack vehicles, like the scummy coke dealer Rip in 's rich, sneering high schooler with those linen suits and the dangling cigarette, that the film's casting director had to overcome a visceral dislike of Spader to even get in the mind frame to hire him. "Our household was very comfortable with sexuality. He was never the most driven guy in the world; he took every summer off when his sons were small, and when he undertook a role, it was inevitably "because I'm out of money and I need to pay my bills." But he started to get a lot of truly great parts., in which Spader played E. And this time, my ally is you." Not long after, he began his ritual of sending a production assistant to fetch her, though their dressing rooms were in the same trailer and shared a flimsy wall.

who spent much of the movie with his head buried in Susan Sarandon's lap. Edward Grey, Maggie Gyllenhaal's sadomasochistic boss, who also, it should be noted, was obsessive-compulsive. "Literally, he could have called to me and I would have heard him," Gyllenhaal says.

There, he thrived doing stage plays so much that he decided it was a waste to continue attending, and dropped out when he was 17 to seek his fortune in New York, where, while waiting to be discovered in the theater, he did odd jobs, like shoveling horse manure out of the Upper West Side's Claremont Stables and sleeping through yoga classes he was ostensibly teaching.

"The lights were turned down, the heat was turned up," he explains.

Bokencamp knew nothing of his star's obsessive qualities. "But we learned very quickly." Spader says they speak to each other seven days a week. "I haven't talked to him today yet," says Bokencamp, "but last weekend, on his birthday, we were on the phone for two and a half hours, and on Thanksgiving, when I was in Colorado, I was out pacing on the phone for two hours. "I called up the writers, and I said, ' You understand the collateral damage of this, correct? Though the writers had other ideas, Spader insisted, and so episodes were rewritten, schedules rejiggered, network executives inconvenienced all so that Red could don a yarmulke and hide out in a synagogue for a few episodes, until he could smoke out his betrayer."I have a plan," says Spader, stubbing out his cigarette in a bowl, sounding as buzzed as I feel.

"We're going to bus our table, I'm going to take a piss, and then, if you don't mind, there's a place I like to go and grab a slice of pizza. " Before we go, Spader spends a few minutes war-gaming pianist Gerald Clayton's show he'll be coming to with friends in a few days.

"He has all his own idiosyncrasies," says William Shatner, Spader's former co-star. And when you love someone, that's part of why you love them.

Of course, if you fall out of love, they become beyond annoyances." Spader couldn't watch people eating on set.

"Our craft-service table was located near the stage entrance, so he had to avoid walking by and watching people licking their fingers or spreading butter on a bagel," Shatner recalls, noting that for kicks he would occasionally smear Vaseline on Spader's prop glass.

"He'd react with horror."n light of these revelations, everything makes sense.

"It's a hat," Spader corrects me when I note the similarity. True, it's a cold winter day, the morning after a big snowstorm, but the sheer bulk of his outerwear suggests how your mom might dress you for the Iditarod.

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