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Beaver Falls Beauty Academy is committed to providing a safe educational environment free of discrimination, harassment, and violence.

The person filing the complaint is made aware that the identity of the charging party and the substance of the complaint be revealed to the person being charged.

During the investigation Beaver Falls Beauty Academy will provide interim measures as necessary to protect the safety and well- being of students and / employees involved.

Once the Director and or Title IX Coordinator is made aware of an alleged offense, the victim will be provided with written information on their rights and options and assistance in changing academic and working situations. The school will make the accommodation based on the victims request as long as they are reasonably available.

The request by the victim is made through the Director and the Title IX Coordinator.

Beaver Falls Beauty Academy will make every effort to insure that a victim’s name or information is not released.

We do reserve the right to notify parents/guardians of dependent students regarding health, safety risk or change in student status.

Beaver Falls Beauty Academy will work diligently towards a prompt resolution in response to complaints through a reliable and impartial investigation.

Beaver Falls Beauty Academy will give both parties the opportunity to present evidence and or witnesses.

Instead, when he got to the campus, he pulled out two .45-caliber handguns and shot his ex-wife, then himself.

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