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Due to the size of the Ford and Holden rivalry, for 1995 to 1996, for the 19 Australia 1000 races and from 1999 to 2012, Group 3A and later V8 Supercars rules mandated that only Fords and Holdens were allowed to compete in the race, using their Falcon and Commodore models respectively.

In 2013, V8 Supercars' rules changed and other marques began to enter the race, including the return of past winners Nissan.

Many marques, including Morris, Jaguar, Nissan, BMW and Volvo, have competed in and won the event in Bathurst.

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The race was traditionally run on the Labour Day long weekend in New South Wales, in early October.

Since 2001, the race is run on the weekend after the long weekend, normally the second weekend in October.

Brock is the most successful driver in the history of the race, winning the event nine times, and was also known as one of the most popular and fan-friendly drivers during his long career.

He was given the moniker "King of the Mountain" for these reasons.

Widely regarded as the pinnacle of motorsport in Australia, the Bathurst 1000 is colloquially known as The Great Race among motorsport fans and media.

The race concept originated with the 1960 Armstrong 500 at the Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit, before being relocated to Bathurst in 1963 and continuing there in every year since.

Spectator vantage points have also become less intimate to the track over recent years, with increased run-off size and debris fencing being installed around the track due to increasing international FIA standards.

Group C Touring Cars, Group A Touring Cars, Group 3A Touring Cars, Super Touring and currently Supercars.

Reid Park follows, a complex corner where a number of drivers have spun after not short shifting at the apex.

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