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It is unknown what happened to her, but she now seems feral and wears a mask and has a black substance around her eyes and mouth with very pale skin, possibly due to residing in the mines.

Her hoodie and hands are also heavily stained with blood; it is unknown whose blood it is.

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A video in Chapter 4: Flashback, shows Kate drawing Slender Man, and muttering that "He's here!

" She tried her best to barricade the doors, but she soon found Slender Man already inside the house, and desperately tried to escape to her room.

Lauren races to where the scream was, only to find nothing and be stranded near Oakside Park, where Lauren is then captured and teleported to various locations.

Chapter 6: Genesis (added in version 1.3) is a flashback, and confirms that Kate is the person in the original Slender: The Eight Pages.

All this on the day of his late friend Chris Cornell's birthday, July 20.

Understandably, fans are devastated over the news of Chester's passing as they are still mourning the death of the Soundgarden singer, and many others.A few years later, Kate was found with a broken video camera, flashlight and a stash of weird drawings.She was soon taken to a psychiatric ward, and had tests done on her.Let's take a moment to remember all the stars we've lost this year.This article discusses content originating from the video game Slender: The Arrival and thus is confirmed to be fictional.CR tried to get her attention, but failed to do so, and went home.

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