Ice breaker dating icebreaker

Then they are to pin their paper on their chest, walk around, and look at each other.Pictures are collected and shuffled and participants try to identify to whom each picture belongs.It is amazing to see the things some people reveal about themselves.

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Ask the participants to move around the room and find someone they do not know or who they know the least of anyone else.

When everyone is in pairs, the facilitator announces the topic partners can talk about, and a designated amount of time to do so.

The ball continues to be bounced to individuals in the group.

A person is out of the game if they repeat a movie name or fail to say a name within the five second time limit.

When the group is finished, post another question and start again. One participant bounces a ball to somebody else after saying the name of a movie.

There is a five second limit after the ball is bounced.

Everyone selects one talent or special ability that they possess and can show the group.

Then each person introduces themselves, explains what their special talent is, and then perform their special talent for the group. My Favorite job was …, My Hobby is…) and go around the room with each person finishing the sentence.

Use them at the beginning, middle, or end of any activity.

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