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” Sometimes you won’t know the answer until you’ve been around a person once or twice.

Here are several clues that a person may be living out a deception.

He or she: An old song says, “Ain’t nothing like the real thing.” Make sure the people you date are the real thing: down to earth, genuine, transparent, honest, and truthful.2.

A person who is not interested in God, is headed in a different direction and serving another god—self, personal ambition, physical desires, or other appetites.

The longer you’re with this person, the more dangerous it becomes.

You likely can’t date every eligible prospect you meet, and you probably don’t want to.

So how do you decide who to date, who to engage as a friend only, and from whom you should walk away while muttering under your breath, “No way, Jose!

Instead, you get to be together, choosing to embrace all the weird and wonderful quirks that ‘real’ entails.

This isn’t to say that accepting, emotionally intimate relationships never involve arguments.

You will do better to keep looking than to invest a-lot of time with Red-Flag People who exhibit the following ten characteristics.1.

Just Too Good to be True There’s an old saying: “If something seems too good to be true, it probably is.” People who seem to be too good to be true usually are.

According to Brown ’’it’s about being honest with how we feel, about our fears, about what we need, and, asking for what we need.’' If vulnerability is the leap that invites in emotional intimacy, then acceptance is the safety net that makes the leap less scary.

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