Threatening dating site murderer

He said the so-called ‘hit man scam’ is not as lucrative as lottery or sweepstakes scams, but over the last year people have fallen for it to the tune of millions of dollars. Former con artist Frank Abagnale who inspired the Leonardo Di Caprio movie ‘Catch Me If You Can’ said things have gotten easier for scammers.

“It’s 4,000 times easier today than when I did it,” he said.

A gang war between the FOB and the FK (FOB Killers) is connected to at least 25 deaths between 20. (Calgary Police Service/Facebook) Two days before Nguyen's trial, Allan Fay's client Joshua Burgess' second-degree murder trial is supposed to get underway.

Burgess is accused of killing his wife Shannon Madill and hiding her body at the home the couple shared in Ramsay. That trial was originally set for February 2018, but prosecutor Susan Pepper was concerned about the Jordan timelines, so she and Fay had it rebooked for November.

A judge in Red Deer, Alta., who is trying to protect a triple first-degree murder trial from derailing may be putting two Calgary trials at risk of exceeding deadlines imposed by the Supreme Court of Canada — which means men accused of either killing or plotting to kill could walk free.

On Monday, the first-degree murder trial began in Red Deer for Jason Klaus, 41, and his friend Joshua Frank, who are accused of killing Klaus' parents and sister — Gordon, Sandra and Monica Klaus. The defence lawyers involved in the Klaus and Frank trial also have major trials beginning in Calgary the week after the Red Deer trial is scheduled to end.

“They’re words meant to get your attention, and they certainly got mine,” he said.

Especially when it said things like, “you do not know who we are, but we have been tracking you, we know your schedules, we know where you all live, and spend your time.” “They’re strong words. At first Masters — an attorney — was baffled as to who would send such a threatening note, but then he took a closer look at the email.

“It didn’t name me, it didn’t name any family members.

It had a date that had already passed, and all of these things made me realize that it was more likely a scam,” he said. “They are all part of what we call extortion scams, trying to get some money from you for a perceived threat,” FBI special agent Bradlee Godshall said.

The Red Deer trial which began Monday has already lost three of its seven weeks; it faced a two-week adjournment at the outset so defence lawyers could prepare to fight the admissibility of evidence gathered in an undercover operation. "So we're looking at a continuation, no matter which way you slice this," said Klaus' lawyer, Allan Fay.

Justice Macklin said if the Klaus and Frank trial is adjourned, they are likely to have continuation dates in 2019.

The three died in a house fire in Castor, Alta., on Dec. But it will almost certainly need more time and Edmonton Court of Queen's Bench Justice Eric Macklin, who is hearing the trial in Red Deer, says he plans to plow through despite the scheduling conflicts.

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