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I contacted the card services that I made the payment through and they refuse to get involved (hmm, really one-way street for help..the business, but not the client) I emailed (directing the contact to Leo, the owner of the site, who should take full responsibility for any illegal activity there) threatening to do something about it -I leave it so my threat is kind of a mind-game to get a response and he threatens me and says they are banning me.... You already did after I contacted the card services and asked for their help either getting my money back or getting my tokens. The next night I sent my email via the wiki link for emailing mfc.

Leo, if you are there, I don't care why I was banned anymore -I want to know why you take my money and don't give the tokens I've purchased? What does the term "Class Action Lawsuit" mean anything to you?

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You think because you have such a low-life website people would be embarrassed to take action so you act in the fraudulent manner and take advantage of them?

I'm looking for others who've had the same issues of their payments being processed but not getting their tokens.

I had so much fun with you as well and youre really quite amazing yourself! *kisses* Mena Duval My lady and I will be travelling overseas and cruising, indefinitely.

Our trip is open-ended, but in summer of this year, we'll be in Europe.

I would never let a girl pay for anything on a date.

Furthermore, I'm NOT one of those cheap retarded guys who expect instant-sex after a date just because they bought a girl dinner.

Over the past several months I've bought tokens for use on myfreecams.

On 3 occasions I never received the tokens, but the money was taken.

There's no such thing as a 'Perfect Mate', you MFC fuckheads. I have a lovely girl, she's a little bitchy but lovely. I'd die without her and all you people who love me would be so upset if I died ))) I like girls who have a sense of humour, rather than stuck-up girls with whom I cannot joke and play.

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