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The answer is not simple because no legal — or even standard — definition exists for “sanctuary city.”That said, Reno and Washoe County have policies in place that could be viewed by some as offering sanctuary by not immediately requiring staff to turn someone over to federal authorities based only on a concern over immigration status.

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The report cited six examples of more serious offenses, including one California case of an arrest for sex crimes involving a child younger than 14.

Immigrant rights advocates have criticized these policies because, they say, they have not been focused on the removal of dangerous criminals from the country as promised.

Copy of policies never received as of 1-28-12.”The third list is put out by the Catholic Legal Immigration Network on a web page called “States and Localities That Limit Compliance with ICE Detainer Requests (Nov 2014).” It lists three Nevada locations as fitting the criteria of limiting ICE detainer requests: Clark County, Las Vegas and Washoe County. Reno reply Fact Checker asked the city of Reno if it has a sanctuary policy.

Reno spokesman Matthew Brown responded via email: “With respect to the Ohio Jobs & Justice PAC's list, or any other such list that exists, Reno might be deemed a ‘sanctuary city’ due to the fact that the Reno Police Department does not automatically arrest a person based solely on an individual's immigration status.

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Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez, right, is led into the courtroom by San Francisco Public Defender Jeff Adachi, left, and Assistant District Attorney Diana Garciaor, center, for his arraignment at the Hall of Justice in San Francisco earlier this month.

We are all less safe when crimes go unsolved.”The U. Immigration and Customs Enforcement asks local, county, state and other federal agencies to hold non-citizens until ICE can take them into custody.

These are called ICE detainers or immigration holds. An ICE report obtained by the Center for Immigration Studies found that 8,145 immigrants were released by local jails between January and August 2014 despite ICE detainers.

About 1,800 were later re-arrested for various crimes; it was unclear whether these were for new or old crimes.

(ICE would not comment on the report.) Most re-arrests were for drug violations or drunk driving.

John Avalos, a member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, wrote a column for USA Today explaining the rationale: “Immigrants who are witnesses or even victims of crimes need to feel safe to work with local law enforcement officials to help them do their jobs.

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