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However, because he befriends Moka Akashiya, an attractive vampire, he decides to stay.

Over the course of the series, he makes new friends and protects them without a second thought.

In developing the characters for the series, Ikeda cited influences from Tim Burton's works, and research on various monsters from encyclopedias and the Internet.

The anime adaptation received negative criticism for its fanservice, and mixed reviews for other aspects such as voice acting.

Characters have also featured in various merchandise, character songs and polls.

In her first school term, she confesses her love to gym teacher Okuto Kotsubo, but when he takes advantage of her, she freezes him and gets suspended for the term.

She obsesses over Tsukune because of his news articles, and stalks him regularly, is a witch who serves as an antagonist in the Witch's Knoll storyline, under her guardian Lady Oyakata.

He had also researched various monsters from encyclopedias and the Internet.

He started with his passion for vampires, and the concept of a beautiful girl vampire with a crucifix around her neck and then created the school of monsters, Tsukune, and others afterwards.is an average teenager who, unable to get into the local high schools, enrolls at Yokai Academy.He discovers it is a school for monsters, and must hide his human identity under punishment of death.She idolizes Moka, and initially hates Tsukune for garnering Moka's attention.However, after both Tsukune and Moka save her, she falls for Tsukune and dreams of a three-way relationship with them.She carries out Oyakata's actions from the manga against Tsukune and the girls.

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