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Standing in the doorway of a grocery shop, Dan points to his wide-brimmed black hat.

« My 80-year-old neighbour told me that when she was growing up they used to say we Jews wore these hats to hide our horns, and long black coats to hide our tails, » he says, laughing.

Olivier Ertzscheid, an internet specialist at Nantes University, said this could « reveal the mentality » of the country.

The French revolution and the early 19th century saw the country’s Jewish citizens emancipated.

But the undercurrent of hatred persisted, culminating in the Dreyfus affair in 1894, with the trial and false conviction of Alfred Dreyfus, a French military officer of Jewish descent, which is often described as one of the most influential events in the modern history of French Jewry. At the time of Nazi occupation in 1940, as many as 9,000 Jews lived in the Marais.

Mais aussi, derrière la banalisation voire l’instrumentalisation (le dernier chic pour choquer le bourgeois et créer le buzz, sans parler des passages à l’acte à la Fofana!

) du véritable « socialisme des imbéciles » qu’est devenu, comme alternativement sa variante anti-américaniste, le discours antisémite.

It was in a bar just a few paces from the Hospitalières-Saint-Gervais that the couturier, who is British but has lived in the French capital for two decades, was arrested.

And it was also where, last year, he was filmed telling two women he believed to be Jewish that he loved Hitler.

» Dominique Strauss-Kahn, head of the International Monetary Fund and a potential candidate in next year’s presidential elections, was recently described by an opponent as « cosmopolitan » and « not the image of rural France », both well-known French euphemisms for being Jewish.

Jérôme believes the idea of the « enemy within » – epitomised by the Dreyfus case – is a cause of antisemitism that is unique to France.

Ten days ago, however, it also played host to John Galliano.

The alleged infamous outburst of the Dior designer, who has now been sacked, in which he is said to have abused a Jewish woman and her Asian boyfriend, was offensive on many levels – not only because of what he allegedly said, but because of where he said it.

« I find it depressing that whenever I talk to my son about Jewish history it’s just one long list of terrible events.

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